Our Story

Koutchi works directly with skilled artisans throughout Morocco to bring you premium artisanal handmade crafts including homeware items and leather goods. We also design fashion items such as leather belts and bags and our artisans hand make them to our specifications.

We are passionate to share the love for Moroccan culture and traditions with our beloved Australian customers. Our “little Morocco” shop located at 35A Beaumont Street, Hamilton, NSW Australia is a welcoming space open for everyone who shares the same passion for Morocco.

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Our Products


Carefully Handmade by
Artisans in Morocco
Durable for more
than 10 Years
Tailor Made Designs
20+ Years of Industry

What our Clients say

"I love all things exotic and in particular the rich colours and ornamentation of Moroccan design. Ihssane's products are beautifully crafted and unique. They are also good value. Plus, he is a very attentive and accommodating customer servant."
Barbara Wolff
“ We loved viewing all the colourful products that Koutchi had on offer, and knowing the story behind their production. The sandals, handbags and belts that we bought have elicited lots of positive comments from our friends, and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of our purchases. It is wonderful to see Ihssane’s passion for his culture. Koutchi is a distinctive business and we wish it lots of success in its goal of supporting the artisans and craftsmen and women back in Morroco”
Ehsan A.
" I recently bought this top quality leather puff from KOUTCHI at Speers Point market, where Ihssane has a store. He imports all of his products from Marrakech, where he has a lot of contacts with local artisans. I love Morocco and its world famous leather goods, so I was delighted to find genuine high quality crafts here in Australia. Everything that Ihssane sells is of high quality and is very reasonably priced. I will definitely buy more goods from KOUTCHI"
" I choose these good looking shoes on the beautiful colours, double layer leather handmade for thousand years in Morocco, and the promise they would mould to the shape of my foot. Well the magic leather did just that, even being snug at first then ultra new comfort experience. Thank you"
Peter Nairn


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