Moroccan handwoven rug: wardaMoroccan handwoven rug: warda

KOUTCHI Handwoven Wool Rug: Warda


This gorgeous rug is available in our stock in Marrakech. Allow two weeks to receive this rug

KOUTCHI Jasmine Rug. 100% wool. Designed by KOUTCHI, handwoven by KOUTCHI Artisans in a remote Moroccan village

Dimension: 2.8m x 1.70m

Alternatively, get in touch to discuss how our artisans can custom-make rugs to your specifications.


PREORDER ONLY! 2 weeks waiting time guaranteed to receive this rug*

This stunning rug is designed by KOUTCHI and handwoven in a remote village in Morocco by Berber women. We have chosen the colours and gave the artisan complete freedom in doing what they do best, hand-weaving premium rugs and adding Berber motifs that tell a rich story. Made of 100% genuine pure wool. I love the texture and fluffiness of this rug.

Dimension: 2.8m x 1.70m

  • 2 weeks from the first Saturday of your confirmed order date.


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