Moroccan Handwoven Azilal Rug: Al-FanMoroccan Handwoven Azilal Rug: Al-Fan

Moroccan Handwoven Azilal Rug: Al-Fan


Azilal Handwoven Rug. Made of 100% pure wool. Thick, fluffy and full of vibrant colours for any ambassador of colours out there!

Dimension: 2.5mx1.60m

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PREORDER ONLY: We guarantee two weeks to receive your from the first Saturday of your order.
This stunning colourful rug is handwoven in Azilal region of Morocco by Berber women we work with. It is made of 100% pure wool. It is thick and fluffy and its array of colours will suits colour lovers or if you want to brighten up your space, this rug will stand out.


Dimension: 2.5mx1.60m

Click here  to see the video of the details of this rug


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